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On behalf of our Chapter, we are excited about fostering growth, community and networking amongst our peers. It is important to have colleagues and mentors in your business network. Sharing best practices keeps you from reinventing the wheel and helps you avoid common pitfalls.

+ Network with other ASP’s® and business professionals at monthly meetings

+ Keep up with industry trends. Attend industry events. Your investment in the local association helps us sponsor booths at industry trade shows

+ Network with industry Affiliates. Local Affiliates provide support for you and your clients

+ Mentor and learn from seasoned ASP’s® . Monthly Roundtable discussions are a great way to hear how others deal with everyday questions and challenges

+ Give Back! Each year ASP’s® volunteer their time and resources to assist a local charity during World Wide Staging Services Week®

+ Stay connected via our Chapter Newsletter, Facebook and LinkedIn

If you are interested in becoming an ASP® member or an Affiliate Business Member (companies, vendors or services who support Staging, please feel free to contact



Barbara Carroll - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter President

Cheryl Hawkins - ASP, IAHSP, IAHSP-CB

Sanja Radovanovic - ASP, ASPM, IAHSP, IAHSP-Premier, IAHSP-CB, ASP-BTS

Mentorship Chair

Linda Susan Lanci - ASP, IAHSP Premier, ASP-REO, ASP-SRS, ASP-BTS, IAHSP-CB
Past President

Caryn Dunker - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Ethics

Linda Meyer - ASP, IAHSP

Martha May - ASP, IAHSP

John L Reagan - ASP, ASPM, IAHSP

Terri Lynn Votanek - ASP, ASPM, IAHSP Premier, ASP-BTS, IAHSP-CB
Chapter Membership

Moanna Mower - ASP, IAHSP

Susan Rosenberg - ASP, IAHSP

Lois Phillips - ASP, IAHSP

Mary Hager - ASP, IAHSP, ASP-BTS

MeLisa Feeley - ASP, IAHSP
Events and Activities

Janaan Curran - ASP, IAHSP

Nancy Loke - ASP, IAHSP

Sue Proud - ASP, ASP-RE, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Nora Flaherty - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Lisa Vaisvila - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Mary Billish - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Ann Teuthorn - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Robin Jozwiak - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Teresa Burgess - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Christine Lee - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Karen Burstein - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Celia Parrott - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Michele Barber - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Lisa Cumbo - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member



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