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The Greater Chicago IAHSP Regional Chapter (GCIRC) is comprised of Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP) located in the Greater Chicago area who represent the Home Staging Industry. The chapter is chartered throught the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP). The chapter also includes Affiliate members who add valuable input and market their needed services and products.

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals is the proven, distinguished Home Staging Association for guiding the leading the Home Staging Industry. IAHSP, Accredited Staging Professionalsdesignation. IAHSP sets the standards of practice and ethical guidelines for the ASP designations.

In order to be a GCIRC member, you must:


  • Be a current ASP and IAHSP member
  • Have an active Bio/Feature Page onStagedHomes.com
  • Adhere to ourCode of Ethicsfor participation and business conduct
The Greater Chicago IAHSP Regional Chapter meets once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Special events are also scheduled in various locations throughout the greater Chicago area.

Our regular meeting locations are at:

Mainstreet Organization of Realtors (MORe)
1114 N Arlington Heights Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
6655 Main Street
Downers Grove, IL  60516
Our meetings and events are open to current GCIRC members and invited guests only.  Those interested in exploring membership may attend 1 meeting as a guest , and must register with the membership chair at the meeting.
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World Wide Staging Service day 2012�

Lives of Homeless Girls Improved Through World Wide Staging Service Week Project


After months of planning, volunteers transformed a residential shelter for teen girls in Schaumburg into a comforting home environment. The Harbs Transitional Living Program was the recipient of generous donations, time and talents of members of the Greater Chicago Chapter of IASHP, the International Association of Home Staging Professionals. The project was a part of the international World Wide Staging Service Week.

Chapter members and commercial affiliates gathered at the home for several days to paint, repair, and Stage the interior, transforming the house into a bright, welcoming and encouraging environment for the residents, who are girls, ages 16 to 21. The highlight of the project was hearing the reactions of the girls living in the home as they toured their improved surroundings. As Alexandra* walked through the front door, she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! This is so nice. I love it. I love the color. It feels like a home."

Randi Gurian, LCSW, Executive Director of The Harbour, said of the TLP residents, "They come from an environment of loss. It is so important, we have found over the years, to have the girls live in an environment that sends them a message of love. It lets them know they are cared for. A project like this helps model for them, that people in the community give back when they have the opportunity. To have such an opportunity to provide such a beautiful setting that you guys have created for our kids is just amazing. Thank you so much."

Barb Schwarz, Founder and Chairwoman of IAHSP and Stagedhomes.com, said, "It is with great enthusiasm and joy that we give back to the communities that we live and work in." Schwarz coined the phrase "Think globally, act locally through the world of Home Staging" to be the theme for the World Wide Staging Service Week.

The Transitional Living Program was established in 1988 and the Schaumburg location is one of six sites scattered throughout the north and northwest suburbs. The program provides supervised living for homeless girls, as they develop skills that enhance school and vocational success, competency and self-reliance.

*Name changed to protect privacy of minor.

Please take a minute to view our Before & After photos:


You can also view our movie on YouTube at:




World Wide Staging Service day 2011

Selfless Teacher Gifted with Whole-House Makeover from Staging GroupHome Stagers from all over the city and suburbs transformed the home of a deserving elementary teacher from Algonquin, named Michelle.� Michelle�s 30 years of dedication and her continued support to all of her past and present students gave us great pleasure in recognizing her as one special and deserving woman.� She gives so much of herself to her students that her own home was overlooked.Our team of ASPs�, Accredited Staging Professionals�, gave Michelle�s townhome a makeover in every room.� From painting and adding walls, to hanging window treatments and re-arranging furniture, we did it all.� There were generous donations including a new bed and sofa.� The result was an amazing transformation in which Michelle can relax and enjoy for years to come.Our World Wide Staging Service Week� (WWSSW) � allows our designated stagers to give back to the community for all the support and blessings that we receive throughout the year in our own businesses.� It�s a day of shared time and talent, and we look forward to this event each year. The Foundation behind this is The International Association of Home Staging Professionals Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging. �All of the IAHSP� Chapters (International Association of Home Staging Professionals �) Worldwide stopped their regular Staging businesses to Stage� a charitable project in their own communities. On Wednesday, September 14th the Greater Chicago IAHSP� Chapter staged Michelle�s townhouse.�

To find out more about World Wide Staging Service Week� or to find an Accredited Staging Professional� in your area, log on to www.stagedhomes.com. For more information about IAHSP� and the Greater Chicago IAHSP� Regional Chapter, log on to www.iahsp.com or email [email protected]/* */.


[email protected]/* */----------------------------------------�

�������������� �World Wide Staging Service Day 2010

My name is Kim Emmett, I am with the Chicago IAHSP� Regional Chapter.� I was the Ambassador for WWSSW�. I also did the project with two co-ambassadors, Michelle Nakos and Linda Minogue.� We decided to work with a charity called�WINGS. (Women in need growing stronger.)� It was an incredible and rewarding experience!� One that I will never forget.�

We took on a big project!� It is a 15,000 square foot shelter in the Chicagoland area. It has 10 bedroom suites, with 3-5 beds in each suite, 10 bathrooms and 5 different common areas. The stagers in our Chicago Chapter divided into 8 different groups. Each took on a suite and a bathroom. Two larger groups had two suites and one bathroom. They were to name the suite, give it a theme and decorate it along with their bathroom. Needless to say, they all turned out amazing!� A huge benefit for us to be able to take on this task was being able to shop in there three resale shops that they own which help support their charity and shelters. It saved us all a ton of money and time. Each group also got their own donations and I received a number of gift card donations and shared among the groups to be able to get new bedding and linens for the Shelter. They also had there own linen room with different linens that had been donated by other groups in the past that we were able to use.�

The before, during and after pictures will tell all. They really turned out beautiful!� The Director of the Charity, Rebecca Darr was so pleased with all of our hard work. She said, "The rooms were beautiful and cozy and the women were taking very good care of them."

Here are the names of the women who participated with working on the charity.(Kim Emmett, Michelle Nakos, Linda Minogue, Barb Gros, Nancy Doherty, Nora Flaterly, Therese Burgess, Chris Deboo, Sheri Wilke, Lynne Debriwny, Mary Billish, Gina Metiger, Caryn Dunker, Eva Pozniak, Cathy Aubin, Ann Teuthorn, Lisa Vaisvila, Linda Lanci, Gayle Cortez, Paula Regan, Catherine Kanvik, Linda Kemp, and Michelle Waters.

� � � � ��---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

����������������� World Wide Staging Service Day 2009


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The Greater Chicago IRC began planning for World Wide Staging Service Week (WWSSW) in the spring of 2009. We chose The Lake County Haven, a shelter for ten women and children, as our beneficiary for this year�s charity project.�We took a field trip to The Haven and formed teams for each room/area in the four-bedroom home that included an on-site office for the case workers. We asked The Haven for a �wish list� and started soliciting donations.�In this tough economic year, we were hard-pressed to find people to donate; however, as the project gained �shape�, our Team Leaders took it upon themselves to gather funds for their particular areas.

It seemed that each week we were blessed with �surprise� donations that mounted as Staging day drew near. Several ASPs made preliminary trips to The Haven to coordinate renovations of the office/paint/move furniture before the actual Staging Day.�We had the privilege of working alongside Rane Anderson, the volunteer coordinator for The Haven. Rane worked diligently to gather funding, and two major corporations stepped in�Home Depot and Discover Card�donating directly to The Haven with Corporate �work days�. Due to their generosity the kitchen and bathrooms were going to receive major face lifts!��...and the project just seemed to G R O W.

We received permission from IAHSP headquarters to hold our WWSSW at the end of October, because the kitchen and bathrooms would not be finished until that time. �Staging week arrived, and the bathrooms were finished, but the kitchen was yet to be completed. We were disappointed but proceeded with our plans to Stage on October 29th. Fourteen ASPs, one very �handy� husband, two Affiliates, and two friends of ASPs worked diligently all day lto transform this property into a home. Cort Furniture sponsored a fabulous Panera Bread lunch which revived us half way through!��

The results were amazing. One resident sat in the living room, looked around and said, �This is beautiful!� One of the caseworkers cried when she saw the completed office, saying she now would look forward to coming to work in the new space. She said, �people have done things for us over the years, but no one has ever done this (transformed the entire property!)��

NOTE: Several of us returned on November 9th to finish the project. The kitchen and the basement playroom (which was temporarily used as a make-shift kitchen) were Staged and the project completed in its entirety...although I think there is �talk� about tweaking a few more things before a community Open House hosted by The Haven on Dec. 9th!���


World Wide Staging Service Week

Greater Chicago IRC 2009�

A few highlights and miracles for this year�s project...-������� Wesley, from W&W Painting & Remodeling, was stopped by the police because he had a 14� countertop piece sticking out of his truck. When he explained what he was doing, the policeman let him go without a citation!-���Ann found under the bed storage at half price the day she went to purchase them!-����� Teresa and Fran purchased and spray painted the mis-matched office file cabinets & they turned out fabulous...new countertops (CCR Top, Inc.), carpeting & installation (M&L Flooring/Belmonti Carpet) and, at the last minute new lighting (Home Depot)...great work, Office Team!-������� Custom Sewing Innovations donated a valance in the family room which miraculously coordinated with five mis-matched pieces of furniture!-������� Someone (unnamed) went �dumpster diving� to salvage paint cans!-������� Major Corporations and other volunteers donated goods and labor toward this project when it appeared we would have next to nothing in funding-������� Lynne and Cindy outfitted two complete bathrooms and the laundry room...I think they had just as much fun shopping as they did on Staging Day!-������� When it appeared we wouldn�t have funding for much in the way of �new� items for several areas, donors stepped up and provided just before Staging Day!-������� Nora and Kim are truly a �team��they brought �fantasy� to the playroom!-������� Jose & John from Two Men and a Truck worked almost an entire day picking up/delivering and moving furniture before Staging Day�the big, green sofa just wasn�t meant to make it upstairs�but not for lack of trying!-����� Dennis Aubin saved the day again (literally) when he put together 10 dressers from Ikea, painted the upper kitchenette, and installed the track lighting in the office...not to mention giving us pointers and loaning us tools!-����� While trying to find some sort of accessory for the living room curio cabinet (next to nothing existed), a sketch of a guardian angel and a ceramic angel were both found and placed under the �lights�...we felt it was a sign that God is watching over these women and children!-����Just as we were leaving on Staging Day, two of the case workers found a portable frig in the garage�they took it upstairs and �claimed� the kitchenette as their �staff kitchen� because they loved the area so much!-������� Oh, and there was so much more...that�s what �teamwork� is all about! Due to the scope of the project, all donors are not listed, but will be featured on our Chapter Websiite!�At the end of the day (actually at the end of several months!)...we were able to bless the residents of The Haven with a home-like atmosphere and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

The camaraderie amongst those who helped was amazing to witness and be a part of�truly a rewarding experience...thanks Barb Schwarz, for your vision for WWSSW!���Linda Lanci, ASP, Order in the House Staging Services, Inc. Greater Chicago IAHSP Ambassador, 2009


World Wide Staging Service Day 2008

Community Worldwide Staging Service Day

The Great Chicago Chapter of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals will participate in the 2008 World Wide Staging Service Week September 9-11th. We will be donating our time and talents to two local charities:


LYDIA HOME: The Lydia Home Association is a place of comfort and rest to children who are broken from years of abuse. As staging professionals, it is our desire for Lydida to be a place of comfort and joy for the children, to be able to enjoy their rooms as a safe haven and to experience a bit of their authenticity. Just as we stage homes to provide a calming, organized and pleasant atmosphere for our clients, we hope we can create this same environment for these deserving children.







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